The Territory



The authenticity of Puglia in every drop of oil

The enveloping warmth of the sun caressing boundless fields. The scent of the earth, guardian of ancient traditions. The sumptuousness of centuries-old olive trees, which sink their roots into it. Love, passion, respect for Nature. A drop of oil is not just the result of a production process but a real combination of sensations and emotions. The story of our company, over 120 years long, starts right here: from love for one's origins and for one's land. A territory rich in history, charm, and emotions, an ancient and fertile land, caressed by the warm sun of the South, from which precious fruits are born. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an ancient and authentic ingredient just like the land that welcomes the olive trees: "the Gold of Puglia," the wise fruit of dedication to work that has been handed down for centuries by those who, with passion, take care of the land.

It is impossible to imagine Puglia without the absolute protagonist of this territory, the olive tree. The production of oil starts from the natural care of the land on which these centuries-old olive groves extend and from which the olives are harvested using traditional methods in full respect of Nature. From here, every year, a product is born that delights even the most refined palates, which encompasses the exclusive heritage of scents and flavors of the most genuine Apulian tradition. Among the different varieties of cultivated olives, there is a very precious one, the Coratina Cultivar, which has its roots in a land that welcomes splendid karst stones kissed by a sun of ancient memory. These are the olive groves that extend at the foot of Castel del Monte, from which the Extra Virgin Dop Terra di Bari is obtained, the protected designation of origin of the most famous Apulian Evo in the world.