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Continuous productive cycle between tradition and innovation

From a perfect combination of ancient production techniques and the most modern technologies, the production process of our company takes shape, from which an oil with excellent organoleptic properties is born every year. We are one of the very few companies in all of Italy to be able to count on the entire production cycle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: cultivation, processing and production, packaging and distribution, four fundamental phases that integrate perfectly and make Levante a company leader in the olive oil sector.


The production of olive oil begins with the natural care of the land on which the olive groves extend and produce the finest fruits that are harvested using traditional methods. We carefully choose our olives, grown in harmony with Nature and harvested according to the ancient traditions and good agronomic practices. In order to obtain an excellent oil, in addition to the attention to the cultivation of the raw material, also the harvest represents a fundamental element within the production cycle. The strong bond for their land, Puglia, where the ancient tradition of hand-picking olives lives, is still preserved today by Levante. Each year the harvest time is a moment of true memory, a ritual that is handed down from generation to generation made up of unique and characteristic gestures and tools.


After harvesting, the carefully selected olives are poured into the hopper and begin the transformation process. Through sequential machinery, which allow the fall of impurities, the olives reach the leaf remover and are placed on a conveyor belt, to be then poured into a washing machine with a constant flow of water in order to eliminate any residual soil. They then come to the mills, three large granite wheels, which crush them, in full respect of the olive-growing tradition. In fact, if on the one hand the company is in step with progress by making use of modern energy production plants that exploit renewable sources, on the other hand it still sees the use of the ancient mills of traditional oil mills, in a perfect agreement between the past and future. The "paste" obtained from the pressing is then subjected to the kneading process at a controlled temperature and no higher than 26 ° C (cold extraction). At the end of the process, the separator allows the separation between water and oil. The oil thus produced is decanted in stainless steel containers (decanters). This is followed by the transfer to special dedicated tanks.


The oil obtained from the first pressing, is analytically and organoleptically checked for a selection and identification, after this check, it reaches the final packaging stage. On dedicated automatic and sequential bottling lines, tins and glass and/or PET bottles arrive through conveyor belts to the filler and capper, after a powerful jet of air has eliminated any impurities present inside the containers. The oil, thus packaged and labeled, is packaged in cartons, blisters and / or thermopacks, positioned on pallets to be transported to the warehouses away from light, in a cool and dry place, from which distribution starts.


Levante contributes to the spread of a culture of extra virgin olive oil of excellence trying to respond to the multiple needs of consumers and distributing its oil all over the world, in different types and packaging. Levante products are the result of the commitment and skilful dedication and passion of the family that the company employs in their creation, exporting an oil synonymous with the most genuine made in Italy to the world. In over a century of history, Levante has achieved high quality levels, being able to count among its customers well-known supermarket chains and large purchasing groups. The great results achieved internationally are proof of the company’s attention to product quality and consumer needs.