Our Philosophy



Excellence arises from attention to every single choice

Looking to the future without forgetting the past. This is the philosophy that distinguishes our company: on the one hand, a state-of-the-art structure with cutting-edge machinery, on the other, the family tradition of stone mills from old oil mills. A dual past-future track that travels separately but at the same time intersects and merges. It is from here that our philosophy takes shape, molding itself day by day and giving substance to our idea of "good oil": one that carries the scent of ancient traditions, always in respect of all quality standards.

Levante is all of this, a perfect agreement of authentic values and unique sensations passed down with the same passion as always. Respect for peasant work, made up of meticulous care for the land and plants to obtain a good harvest, thanks to which today we can appreciate excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The passion that underlies our work and the strong bond to our land, which you will find in every drop of our oil. Attention to quality, the result of continuous analysis and controls, but also and above all of production methods based on deep respect for Nature. Levante oil is the result of a philosophy that carries the scent of the ancient while knowing how to live in the present: an oil that encapsulates unique taste sensations and aromas in every drop, guaranteeing a certainty of genuineness and health.