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Andria, 1902: this is where our story begins

The Levante story begins in 1902 when the Cassetta family started the selection and shelling of almonds and the milling of olives in Andria, in the heart of the Apulian countryside. Surrounded by the expanses of centuries-old olive trees of the precious Coratina cultivar, which embellish the hills of the Murgia Barese Chain, the small traditional olive oil mill of the Cassetta family begins to produce an unfiltered quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. An oil that is the result of an artisanal processing obtained from millstones for the pressing of the olives harvested in the olive groves of the property. Year after year, the olive oil produced by the Levante mills begins to receive numerous appreciation even outside the city. For its distribution, the traditional means of transport of the time are no longer enough, but the purchase of a motorcycle is necessary: the first example is still kept in the company today, bearing witness to the first important sign of modernization.

The years of wars

The years of the two world wars also affect the Levante company. These are tough years, in which production continues but with great difficulties, so as to alternate periods of production with periods of stop. Only the will not to give up, the commitment and the desire to do, have given the right energy to the Cassetta family to keep the company alive and the ideals of love and passion for this work.

From 1950 onwards ...

After the Second World War, the company grew, becoming industrial with the introduction of the first packaging line and the diversification of its production to meet the needs of all consumers. We therefore move from the marketing of bulk olive oil to olive oil packaged in 5 liter tins, thanks above all to the determination and foresight of the progenitor Nicola Cassetta: a courageous, innovative and crazy choice for the city context of the 70s still very much tied to tradition. This futuristic and highly entrepreneurial mentality, together with the great passion for the art of olive oil, is passed on to his sons, Riccardo, Maria, Angela and Gina, who gradually become part of the family business. In the same years, a Bianchina car became part of the Levante family, which will be the first vehicle used to deliver the precious olive oil to consumers in Northern Italy. It is the beginning of an exciting journey, which will bring the Apulian scents and flavours to enter the homes of all Italians.

The 90s and 2000s

With the first fairs beyond national borders, Levante acquires notoriety first in Germany and France, then throughout the world. Extra virgin olive oil begins to be exported to many international countries, first of all Japan (since 1994). The production lines are upgraded compatibly with market needs, to meet the growing demand for olive oil in different formats. In 2002, when Levante was 100 years old, is a renowned and recognized brand even beyond national borders: present in 47 countries around the world, from America to Australia, from Africa to Asia. 100 years of tradition and commitment.

2019, New brand identity … always high quality!

In 2019 Levante renews the Brand Identity and expands its production with new varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oils of the highest quality. The restyling of the brand identity is a path of renewal, which comes naturally following the evolution of time and developing a certain resilience, that is the ability to welcome a new situation as an opportunity to make a change. The result of this evolution was the creation of a new image, based on a study and a brand concept, without ever contradicting the company’s identity, on the contrary, reflecting its character, personality and values that have always distinguished it.

2020, projected to the future

Today Levante uses the same processing systems of the past, in accordance with modern technologies, continuing to produce olive oil with a passion for healthy, sincere and genuine things and with the awareness of handing down the ancient experience in full respect of nature. Appreciated all over the world, Levante is projected towards the future with over 8 packaging lines.