Sustainability and Green Energy



Renewing our love for Nature

Attention and respect for Nature have always been a cornerstone of our philosophy. We believe that energy is a necessity but also a resource. A resource to help build a better world, where awareness of the constant need to protect the environment and use natural resources sustainably can grow.

Our idea of sustainability

Our idea of sustainability is reflected in the green footprint that characterizes the essence of the company, both for the production of organic EVO oil, free from pesticides, and for the use of renewable energy sources. Levante was born in the heart of Southern Italy, in the town of Andria, where the sun is the absolute protagonist. Solar energy, captured by the photovoltaic panel system installed on over 80% of the company's surface, activates and powers the entire production and packaging process, in full respect of the environment. Our green choice testifies to the desire to promote an increasingly careful awareness of environmental issues, encouraging sustainable consumption even in the corporate world for a future free from energy derived from fossil fuels in favor of renewable sources. Our staff is also trained with particular attention to waste reduction and the recycling of processing residues throughout the entire production and packaging process. In this perspective, Levante reintroduces vegetation wastewater, the result of separating the liquid and solid part in the "decanter" oil production phase, into the production cycle in the form of natural fertilizers in agricultural soils. The dehydrated husk obtained in the same phase is reused as fuel for the boilers that power the mill, and any excess is sold to industries specialized in transformation.